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Bedrock Pizza Menu

All prices are posted in and around our van and orders can only be made at the hatch – we do not offer pre-order or delivery as our pizza is best served piping hot i.e. street food.

Garlic bread

with or without cheese

Any extra toppings 50p each

Special Garlic Bread

mushroom / red onion / bedrock tomato / chilli oil

Wood Fired Pizza

Bedrock Pizza Sauce and Mozzarella as standard

Ham / peperoni / chicken / chorizo

Red onion / mushroom / bedrock tomato
jalapeno / sweetcorn / black olive / pineapple

Smoked cheese / spiced cheese

Garlic oil / chilli oil

Chef’s Specials

Please see the specials board in the van


Water / Coca cola / San Pellegrino >
Orange / Lemon / Pomegranate & orange

Espresso Coffee

(Subject to availability)

For the best experience – you can only order and collect your pizzas from our van so you can watch it come to life before your own eyes. The taste is best as it cools from the oven to your desired eating temperature.

We can take card payments, paypal, bitcoin and cash at the hatch.

We will be expanding our menu as we identify trends with our new customers.
We’re always interested to hear constructive feedback.

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We are a member of Blackpool Food News & Reviews on Facebook – You can join and post your own reviews for free.

We also have our own Bedrock Pizza FanClub Group on Facebook with our own exclusive offers and competitions.

If you would like to express an interest in having our pizza delivered to your door (within1.5 miles of the waterloo or Furness Drive) please leave us your details below so we can plan for a future delivery service